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controller support? Also if i purchase now, will i get a steam key when available?

Hey! It will have full controller support for PC. The $20 early beta access keys will be sent out in two weeks and the $10 pre-order keys will be sent out when we launch Early Access at the end of February. :)

This game is awesome so far and shows a TON of promise in my opinion.

Thanks so much for the kind words! :D

Sure thing! Just keep up the good work!

Of course! As soon as the Kickstarter ends, we're getting right back into development!


Awesome sauce!


This is some pretty cool stuff, like the artstyle. Should introduce online stuff like coop and other more competitive modes.

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We want to do multiplayer so bad! But unfortunately, that would increase the project's scope beyond what we're financially capable of at the moment. :/

shame, would have been really cool if you could compete with friends in this game

If the game does exceptionally well, we may add it in down the road!



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We hope so too! Thanks for the support. :) And don't worry about the amount of content, the Alpha Demo is less than 25% of what the final game will have!


What's not to love? You ride around ripping giant creatures apart piece by piece! It's awesome, and you should definitely check it out!

And if you're not convinced by my exclamation marks, then watch a video! (And don't laugh too hard at the terrible thumbnail...)


Thanks so much for the video and we're glad you enjoyed it! :D

Oooooo, interesting

Thanks! Be sure to check out the Alpha Demo if you haven't already!

Nice game!! :D

Give it a try guys!!

Glad you enjoyed it! :D

no i havent

It's free! Give it a try if you have some free time with week. :)

Will it be free when released? I'm willing to put money on this, but I can't access online payment :(

Anyways, great project. I enjoyed it.

Игра СУПЕР,а Она будет платной?

Yes when it's finished. Support our Kickstarter in the mean time!


wow cool game


Thanks so much! Get a chance to play the Alpha Demo yet?

В точку!!!